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Halloween Treats to Hand Out This Year

When I was younger, there were only so many things that you could expect to get in your bag when you went out for trick or treat. There were some times when something would hit the news that eliminated something, but the average house gave out wrapped, single candy items. Halloween treats like apples were at one time taboo thanks to some urban legends and perhaps a few real problems, but there are ones that come wrapped today. If you want to give Halloween treats that are […]

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Easy Halloween Treats For School

Each year, most schools have a Halloween party for their classes. Though you are going to find that some religious schools won’t do this, and some public schools like to take it easy with the holiday for various reasons, most children will have a party of sorts at the end of October. If you have drawn the straw that dictates you are one of the parents that has to send in something for the class, and you don’t have a lot of time to come up with […]

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